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" said Jerry Jones

18 de Mayo 2011

Did the Cowboys learn their lesson

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) Did Jerry Jones and company learn anything from last year in regards to depth behind quarterback Tony Romo? That was a big question on everyone’s mind this morning in Oxnard.As for the answer the media got, lets just say Cowboy fans better hope number 9 stays upright. Entering his 10th full season as the starter, Romo has the third highest passer rating in NFL history. Without Romo behind center in 2015, Dallas went just 1 and 11.But knowing his four time pro bowl quarterback is healthy entering training camp makes owner Jerry one excited man."I am excited, visions of sugar plums seeing that number 9 roll out there for our practices," said Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys."I think we put together one of the better offenses that we had in this organization in many many years," Stephen Jones, CEO and vice president of the Dallas Cowboys.Sure, but that’s with Tony Romo leading the way. But what if he gets hurt? The quarterback has missed at least one game for three straight seasons."Now we’re not gonna live in the he’s going to come back next, he’s going to come back next month world. I kinda lived in that and you don’t win but four games doing that in the NFL. So we’re not going to do that," said Jerry.With that said, surely the cowboys would go after a free agent like Nick Foles. Not at all. Instead Dallas is rolling with Kellen Moore and Dak Prescott as it’s back up quarterbacks."Foles isn’t an option. We wouldn’t give him any snaps. We got Moore that are going to get snaps. We like Moore," said Jerry."We like what Kellen has done, and we’re going to give him an opportunity to do some good things. We’re excited about the progress he made in the off season. We made a commitment to the quarterback position in the draft with Dak Prescott drafting him in the fourth round. He did a really good job, really understanding what we’re asking of our quarterbacks to do. He did a good job learning our system. Now we’ll have to help Tony Romo get ready to play quarterback for us. So that’s the priority. Than the next priority is to get your backup quarterback ready to go play. There are plenty of reps over the course of the next couple of weeks to get those guys ready. We’ll look to tweak practice in ways to continue to develop all of our young players. But particularly that position," said Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys head coach.